Carl Maria Kemper

By trying to conceptually detach from the fact, that bombings are primarily a cruel, warlike act, they can also be described as space-generating. Gordon Matta Clark defined the term “anarchitecture” through his cuttings into the walls of houses in New York. This way of working on a building can be described as creating space by removing it, and also as a performance through anarchic (implied by the term anarchitecture) intervention turned against conventional architectural structure. The process of hardening of the concrete in the formwork was disturbed from several sides by the explosives as they penetrated through the formwork into the concrete. During the hardening process, the formwork was removed and the explosives detonated, injuring the concrete in the appropriate places. These damages appear as openings in the cube, new spaces created by the detonations while the cubes where build and stacked to a column afterwards.