We are pleased to present the group exhibition VERSTRICKT, ZERBRÖCKELT (ENTANGLED, CRUMBLED) with works by Carl Maria KemperFabian Knecht und Jeewi Lee.

The exhibition showcases how the artists incorporate the intense impulses of the present into their work, highlighting entanglements in various conflicts and scenarios. The works focus on the ruptures of our time and are understood as catalysts, providing evidence of crumbling systems and processes gone awry. The exhibition is curated by Sjusanna Eremjan.

At the center of the exhibition is the connection of potentially hypothetical perceptions that may be found within the artworks, rather than solely the aesthetics of the objects themselves. The artists identify humans as the main culprits responsible for the crises and anxieties of the present, and demonstrate the consequences of human action in the Anthropocene through their works. The conversion of material evidence of time and memory into the exhibition space reflects the artists’ shared interest in research-based and site-specific approaches.