We are thrilled to announce Aether: The Painterly Quintessence, an exceptional exhibition by Daniel Mohr, presented in collaboration with LEVY Gallery.

Immerse yourself in an artistic exploration where grand floral arrangements transcend traditional still life. Daniel Mohr’s Aether beckons you to a place where painting’s core is reimagined, and space and subject seamlessly interweave into an ethereal tableau.

The exhibition revisits the aether concept, a luminescent ancient philosophy, through the lens of modernity, inviting viewers to witness the refraction of light and perspective in a dynamic new dimension.

Mohr’s creations are a dialogue between historical artistry and contemporary relevance, challenging preconceptions and redefining the essence of still life.

We look forward to welcoming you to this visionary display, where the avant-garde meets the traditional in a celebration of painterly innovation. Join us in experiencing the delicate interplay of history and modernity through Daniel Mohr’s visionary lens in presence of the artist.